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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 21, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> get ready, because another winter remix is here. now, the battle of road crews tuesday ahead -- tuesday ahead. one of the most popular car country's rigid car companies in the country. more than 200 toyotas have been recalled. a group of families victimized
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twice. >> what happened? they are going to do the same thing again. >> millions of dollars worth of jewelry stolen, and why this family sa it was the justice system that failed them. >> lives and in hd, this is the news at 11:00. >> crews captured this video. we begin tonight on storm watch, a closely monitoring the weather system that is supposed to bring a mix of precipitation. john is live with the problems to the north and west, but let's begin with the weather center. >> we have had a little rain, a little sleep. let's give you an update on the advisory. one of advisory is in existence.
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mostly sleet and rain with the threat of freezing rain overnight. let's get to the ow machine. the pink colors are pockets where there is a little sleep mixed in. you also notice the pattern is starting to break up a little bit, so i think we have an hour and a half of precipitation, and that is going to leave the door open for a little more slee. taken get some temperatures and what we're dealing with today. 32 degrees with sleet now in winchester. in rock field, 33 with a bit of rain and sleet mixed in. we're going to continue with the lives mix. it may turn to light snow tomorrow morning, eventually ending up to the west in the
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metro area, where we are still expecting maybe 2 inches of sleet and snow. south and east, it is going to be all rain. it is very important that early tomorrow morning you keep in touch because 32 degrees, 31 degrees -- that means it is going to be icy spots. if you stay all rain, you will be good to go. >> we are keeping a close eye on the weather and what affected should have on the roads. >> we're seeing some slick spots in areas north and west of the district. he joins us live in marshall, va.. >> a wintry mix has been falling for hours in marshall, va., and like many areas, there was still snow on the ground from old storms.
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everyone we talked to say they prefer this white stuff compared to what is falling tonight. you can see the ground is packed with eyes, and many of the roads are starting to freeze. sleet and freezing rain started falling before 5:40, and it did not take long for the snow to come in. they got moving earlier than expected. >> we have 67,000 tons of stop -- sold at this facility. >> it turns out to be an event morgan says she is done with. >> the ice is treacherous. i do not care to drive on the ice at all. i am eager to get there. >> she is not taking any chances. >> if you do not apply your chemicals of the correct time, you could end up wit freezing temperatures.
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>> it is putting 45 salt trucks on the roads. >> i am ready for spring. >> it is the wintry mix the drives drivers crazy, concerns that it will be a problem when temperatures trip to freezing tonight. like the gentleman said, there is not much you could do about the ice here. the traffic has been very light. crews have been working throughout the night in 12-hour shifts until they take care of all of the messy rose. they are expecting messier conditions after midnight. >> the long night ahead. we will be keeping a close look on the road early tonight. we will have the latest on the forecast, traffic, and any school closings. >> new details in a major recall
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announced by toyota. the call giant is recalling 2.3 million vehicles in the u.s. due to a accelerators' that become stuck. here is list of the vehicles under recall. corolla, matrix, the 2005, to dozens and avalon. also, the 2010 highlander and camry. sequoia from 2008 until 2010. all of this comes as we learn more about the defect that causes concern on the roads. >> toyota is recalling 2 million vehicles in the u.s., the latest in the string of quality-control problems for the auto maker. >> it is a huge problem that must get solved. >> he says his toyota avalon shot up to 65 miles per hour. late last year, there was a recall of floor mats over
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concerns accelerator pedals could get stuck on them. there have been new cases of accidents and deaths, including this crash, the day after christmas in the suburbs. according to police, this 2008 toyota led in -- left no skid marks or estimates of breaking before it ended up in the pond. all people died in the accident. th floor mat were not responsible because they were found in the cars' trunks. >> we continue to find evidence of instances that cannote explained by a floor mat. >> today's recall is the second major recall by the auto maker. on monday, chrysler recalled vehicles. >> new at11:00, the district is getting ready for one of the largest rallies. the march for life event is
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organized on portions of 10th street and constitution ave. they will be closed between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. 3000 so-called pro-live supporters took on a mini march outside the white house. they are hoping to make president obama change his position and shift to an outright ban on abortion. >> new details on earthquake in haiti. haitian officials say 400,000 people will be moved from port- au-prince to temporary camps out of town. the chief of staff to the haitian president says this is aimed at eliminating widespread disease. the death toll is estimated at 200,000 with 250,000 additional injuries. tonight pamela brown has an exclusive look at the despair and the rush to help those in need. >> we just arrived at the
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airport. you can see behind me there are several helicopters. they are unloading supplies and medical supplies. a lot of these helicopters had to stop on the way to medevac the injured. that is the big priority today. >> inside the airport, this 8- year-old boy lined the back of a car, barely hanging on to his life. they rush to give him medical support, but it may have been too late. we spoke to the boy's sister and asked how long it has been without medical help after hitting his head in the earthquake. others also shared stories of heartbreak. a woman had to bury her sister. she was eght months pregnant with twins. there are desperate cries for help. they are living on the street and have no food or water.
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survivors clamored outside for relief to be dropped off. >> there is nothing to eat. >> the victims told us surviving each day is a struggle. >> i sleep on the streets. >> military officials say while relief is pouring in, it will take time until survivors have access to food and water. officials say the troops on the ground will stay here as long as it takes. they-year-old boy was medevac for emergency surgery. >> it appears taxpayers will be able to write off charitable donations on the 2009 taxes. the senate passed that measure today. president obama is expected to sign it. americans have donated $305
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million to the relief effort. that is more than for the tsunami in asia. it is less than the $580 million raised following hurricane katrina. howard university hosted a benefit concert for the victims of the earthquake. proceeds from the concert will go to the haiti relief fund. >> coming up, a tell-all biographies. why oprah may not like this. >> coming clean. yes, john edwards is the father of his former mistress's baby, and tonight, what his wife is saying about the revelation. >> a group of families say they have been victimized. first, jewelry was stolen, and
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>> the family says the justice system failed. >> this comes after millions of dollars of jewelry were stolen. three suspects were arrested, and the burglaries' stopped. this year t charges were dropped.
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the family says they are worried about the burglary starting again. >> it was not just scary. it was downright terrifying. groups targeted them one after the next, hitting the homes of a pleased to dozen east asians and taking precious gold from them. >> everything. they did not ave a single thing. >> when they found out they had been caught, they let out a sigh of relief. >> we had good night's sleep since then. >> and then came the preliminary hearing. in less than five hours. how much more evidence did the judges need? even the lotion was used to determine, but the judge threw out the case. >> it is so sad. >> it was basically a joke what
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happened yesterday. >> now they are back where they started. more anxiety, sleepless nights, and more anger. >> i do not know where they get the moey from. >> sadly, they have an idea. the family could not receive any of their jewelry, and we attempted to contact them but were told he had no contact -- no comment. >> a woman was found dead. police say she was killed in new jersey on tuesday and her body was dumped in a trash can in woodbridge. it was determined early this morning that he was headed back to new jersey from virginia. he was found at the turnpike and arrested there. the woman's name is being withheld until her family can be notified. the family of the victims of the shooting are speaking out. they say they are grateful for the players derogating from
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family and friends and set up a fund to assist the funeral costs. the family also says they intended on giving christopher the family home so he could help carry -- health care for his grandmother. >> john edwards and his wife of 32 years have reportedly separated after his admission that he fathered a daughter during an affair. edwards said he had been visiting his 2-year-old daughter, and he signed a court agreement. edwards former chief of staff says he convinced him to publicly claim that he was the father. >> a new tell-all is in the works for oprah winfrey, but she is not the author. kelly is writing the unauthorized book that will be released in april. if you know her work, you know she is known for her unflattering description of the lives of the reagan and bush
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families. she said she felt committed to writing the truth. woodbury hs no comment at this time. >> you always speak the truth. >> i do my best. let's start out with triple doppler seven. we will get an idea of what we are having precipitation-wise. we have a couple flakes of snow, but mostly it is sleet and rain and freezing rain overnight. let me tell you what is happening right now with the advisor rate as we head into the evening hours, and it is going to be up until 6:00 tomorrow afternoon. i have a suspicion this will be dropped before then because things are moving quickly. overnight, west of the metro area we are facing the winter weather advisory. let's talk about our storm
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system now. that is the storm system off the coast of north carolina. these are separate. all this rainfall is related to a low pressure, and we have this band that continues to move to the northeast. once we get another two or three hours, we will have some patches of rain, sleet, and freezing rain as we go to the overnight hours, and around five, six, 7:00 in the morning, this may have more precipitation. let's look forward to what we can expect on the ground when we get up in the morning. we see a light mix through the eye-95 corridor. then we go north and west. right here i think we will see the best chance for some icy
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spots and maybe some accumulation of snow and freezing rain. it is not going to be a steady pattern but i think we will be good to go. 33 in winchester. you will need to give yourself a little extra time tomorrow morning, just in case you face those icy patches. this is our timeline where we will go from snow and sleet to rein and may be freezing rain. a few more snowflakes. i think by 11:00 in the morning, it will be pretty much over. the rain pretty much in the mid 30's all day long. we will see if the next flurries and a break of sun in the afternoon. saturday will be nice.
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a good chance of heavy rain late in the day sunday and sunday night. then we settled down nicely for the balance of next week with sunshine. >> we just haveo get there. >> we will get there.
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>> tonight, more on the recall from toyo tire after more cases of run away toyotas have been reported. >> it was a night in sports. a night of rivalry. lebron, kobe, but the show stopper was crosby. i have got all the hig
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>> it was a great hockey game in pittsburgh tonight. a playoff atmosphere, and the cats win 6-3. cats are on the power play. alex scores here. that ties the ame at 3. now let's move ahead to the third period. washington led 4-3. less than a minute later, and nicholas thinks it behind the net. he just beat johnson.
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the capitals win round one. the final was 6-3. how about the second best rivalry? kobe bryant and lebron chains. kobe during most of the damage from the outside. bryant scored 39 points. here comes lebron. watch lebron. right down main street for the easy bucket. cavalier gets the series. women's basketball, 19th ranked georgetown has suspended two players for their role in a pre- game fight. look at this. the women are going after it. we do not know who is punished, but we will find out at the next
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game. a lot of folks are comparing this match up to the jets-colts super bowl of 1969, but that is up bulls and oranges. peyton manning will be the star of this one. this is saturday, which means it is time to meet another future star. she is in her own world when she long jumps. >> it is so much fun. you are just flying. >> earlier this month, pedro sprang to victory, the best in history, but she wants even more. >> i am looking for 19 or 20 feet, so that is my goal. >> next year, she will be flying high on a scholarship from ohio state. >> i am very proud to become a baca. >> congratulations to our high school athlete of the week.
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finally, two seconds left, he beats maryland. the lady turks now 15 and 5 but only two and three.
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>> let's get you upted on what is happening. there is mostly rain out there. we will have that intermittently throughout the night. storms again shows the picture. there will be intermittent areas of sleet and rain and a touch of freezing rain overnight. we will wind up with a light makes through most of the area. speaking of delays, join us for a special 4:00 a.m. start for the latest on traffic and weather. >> keep your mouth shut for the rest of the show. >> keep your mouth shut for the rest of the show.
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